Sportek: A Mission to Elevate Surf Through a Hi-tech Infrastructural Network

Sportek is committed to making Surf the most widely held and anticipated sport in the world. It aims to transform it into a strictly tokenized economy helping, the worldwide community of Surfers, surf lovers, and fans. 

You want to go surfing, you’ve been to all the surfing villages near you and would now like to surf somewhere else; it sure would be nice if a simple ecosystem that helps you navigate surf villages without any hassle. This is precisely the thought that led to the development of Sportek. It aims to create an ecosystem: that will take the first step to make Surf one of the most popular and desirable sports worldwide. Sportek is on a mission to elevate the Surf as a sport through technology and infrastructure. After launching their ICO platform with solutions, Sportek is looking for partnerships for the future of their ecosystem. 

To incentivize participation and build a sustainable model, Sportek would be using a universal cryptocurrency. $WAVE is the token that will power the Sportek ecosystem, change the world of Surf, and will be both used and stored by millions of people worldwide, to use at Surf schools and stores. It will also be accepted on Surf Villages internationally, where $WAVE will be making literal waves. 

Recently Sportek has announced their partnership with a Swiss-registered and regulated asset management company, Alcral AG. They are a team of skilled and experienced financial services professionals with a diverse cross-section of knowledge from various sectors. Having experienced at first hand the high costs of investing, they have devised a fresh and innovative approach where the clients’ interests are a priority over that of the institution, yet still provide exceptional returns in a very controlled, low-risk environment. Since 2008, their methodology has evolved a lot. Their system is thoroughly transparent yet shockingly simple, plus they are also the first to offer such an impressive, client-focused investment structure in this format. 

The partnership between Alcral Ag and Sportek will offer both firms a chance to grow together, baking on Sportek diverse network and innovative design Alcral Ag will be able to tap into new markets and help establish new clients. Considering Alcral Ag’s asset management experience and their investment: Sportek will be able to expand its ecosystem even further, besides gaining more investments, they will also get help from Alcral Ag on asset management and financial advisory matters. The early partnership between Alcral and Sportek will provide Sportek with the much-needed boost to make it into a global ecosystem. 

Countless companies claim: the client always comes first, but very few can truly deliver. Alcral and Sportek conversely; know they can state this with utter candor by demonstrating it in their business practices. The companies together aim that there should exist other likelihoods to help accomplish and preserve investment returns. Hence collaboratively, they are ready to scheming and executing a plan to meet those objectives.