Gonçalo Costa


Gonçalo is the CEO at Sportek, he is responsible for managing and overseeing the build and growth of the Sportek ecosystem as a whole, including the $WAVE, NFT related platforms, the physical projects, and among other initiatives that will bring tremendous value to surfers and especially the ones just starting.

Gonçalo has helped several startups starting up and make it to market, with one of them making a healthy exit. Gonçalo was one of the founding members of the NOVA Marketing Analytics Lab, working as a marketing researcher. Gonçalo is accustomed to working on tech projects and bringing them to life.

Gonçalo is a Business Management graduate, has a post-graduation in International Business and a Master in Information Management with a specialization in Marketing Intelligence. He also did a course in Negotiation at Harvard University.

Gonçalo lives his work but also loves midnight walks by the sea, he is fascinated by the waves.